Dr. Adwaita Gore

DNB (Medical Oncology), DNB (Internal Medicine)
food habbit
Food Habits while on Chemotherapy:

Many people experience taste changes during cancer treatment. Foods may have no taste ortaste differently. Also, certain food smells may be bothersome. Taste and smell changes can vary with the kind of treatment you are receiving and can be different for each person.

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nutrition specialist adwaita gore
Nourishing Ideas during Chemotherapy

During cancer treatment, it is important to eat well to maintain your energy level and to help your body heal. There may be times during treatment when your appetite is decreased or it is hard to eat solid foods..

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mouth care and treatment
Mouth Care Advise While on Chemotherapy

Tell your doctor or dentist if you are experiencing any mouth problems. After every meal, floss your teeth and brush your gums, teeth and tongue with an extra soft toothbrush, a fluoride toothpaste and lukewarm water.

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food choice for diet
Food Choices to Help Manage Constipation

Normal bowel habits can range from one bowel movement every 2-3 days to 3 bowel movements each day.Your stools should be soft, easy to pass and not painful. If you need to strain or are having fewer bowel movements compared to your usual pattern, then you may be constipated.

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Food Choices to lessen Gas

Stomach gas (e.g. burping) and intestinal gas (e.g. bloating and excess flatus) can be very uncomfortable.

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